Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mount Rush Hour

My niece Kate and I had a Texas adventure. We checked out the Lone-Star-State-skewed version of Mount Rushmore, placed by sculptor David Adickes (who also did the Sam Houston Statue and Presidents Park, seen earlier on this adventure) near the I-45 and I-10 interchange in Houston.

Giant busts of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Sam Houston, and Stephen Austin give morning commuters something to look at as they creep into downtown from the suburbs. Consequently they are known as Mount Rush Hour. Here I take a look up Abe's nose.

Kate took a shot of the highway, as well as creepy wheelchair guy. The number of empty malt liquor cans had us wondering why there wasn't any grafitti. Respect for the statesmen, I guess.

A few miles away is David Adicke's SculpturWorx Studio near downtown Houston. There are a bunch of his giant president heads in the parking lot, most behind barbed wire. But I most enjoyed the huge rendition of the Beatles, looking as tall as the Houston skyline.

Here Kate poses with our current President's bust. As I mentioned at Presidents Park in South Dakota, he is white, just like all the other presidents.

I pulled this picture of Adicke working on the Obama Bust. Here he is cleaning out Barak's ear. "You could grow potatoes in there!"

I noticed one president was headless; look between Clinton and John Quincy Adams. Maybe Ringo knocked it off with a drumstick.

I figure it was Andrew Jackson's head, seen below with Theodore Roosevelt.

Kate and I have some other blog-worthy Houston area adventures planned, so stay tuned.


  1. A grouping of Washington, Lincoln, Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin.... Only in Texas.

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