Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prelude, Part II

It is finally time to complete Ted's Excellent Adventure. As in all adventures, this one has taken some crazy twists and turns. So I thought I would use this prelude to clue you in.

As you know from my past posts (the last one being way back last fall), the journey was going marvelously. After several weeks in Houston, I came to the conclusion (with some wonderful counseling) that it was time to grow up, take some responsibility, and head for home. I had already decided (with the advice of a trusted career counselor) that I would continue a career in the world of training and development, within parameters that best fit my skills. But I am also pursuing possibilities as a trainer, as a school curriculum designer, and as voice talent.

And then I got sick.

It is called cellulitis, a skin infection, almost always in the lower leg. Left one in my case. Cause is unknown, though those of us without the best leg circulation are susceptible from any nick or scratch.

Mine came on in a hurry. My sister took me to the hospital and I was given oral antibiotics, plus vicadin (woo hoo!). Vicadin became my pal the next few weeks.

When I had no progress I went to my brother-in-laws doc, who gave me stronger antibiotics. No effect. Return to the hospital, this time admitted. After some bumbling by the doctor assigned, we moved to another hospital a few days later, where I was started on megadoses of IV antibiotics.

I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. Please note my fine repaste served under plastic dome. Particularily appetizing were the ice cream scoops of dressing and sweet potatoes.

Sister Sarah, brother-in-law Murray, and nephew Will visited later that day. They had fun with the contraption used to elevate limbs; Murray would lower it so I looked like a toy in an arcade game. I love this photo because Murray is himself sitting on a portable commode.

By the way, my wonderful wife Cheri did arrive for a few days after Thanksgiving. I was not forgotten.

I finally went home (well, Sarah's home) after a couple of weeks, where I spent two more weeks on IV antibiotics. I then had permission to fly home to Seattle, just in time for Christmas. That was followed by several weeks of recovery. So now, some three months after the initial attack, I am finally able to return to Houston, retrieve my car, and complete Ted's Excellent Adventure.

What will be blog worthy? I will continue with four goals: reconnect with family and friends, keep an eye out for animals -- both wild and domestic (dogs in particular), try local beers, and visit some of our nation's treasures as well as some of our nation's oddities.

Because of the potential weather problems I will stay south, and then head up the west coast. This gives me the opportunity to pursue two routes of interest: Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway.

I hope you will join (or rejoin) me on my journey back to the Northwest.

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  1. Ted,

    As much as I love my life as it is, I feel like a voyeur, living a kind of vision quest through TEA. Rock on!

    -John Parham