Thursday, March 4, 2010


4281 -4488 (14674 - 14881)

Homebound today; last day of Ted's Excellent Adventure. And it was on the infamous "Slog" -- I-5 between Portland and Seattle. But even on the Slog there were blog-worthy sights to share.

Four towering memorials can be seen from I-5 near Toledo, WA. They are the Gospodor Monuments, Dominic Gospodor's one-man show. Built in 2002, they are monuments commemorating Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Native Americans, and Holocaust victims, with statues or symbols atop 100-foot-plus steel-pipe towers. Apparently Gospodor was considering additional monuments to polio vaccine inventor Jonas Salk, African Americans, Susan B. Anthony, William Seward (purchaser of Alaska), and the 17,000 people killed annually by drunk drivers. The site draws mixed reviews. Gotta agree. Does anyone driving past really know what they symbolize?

I just had to see one last "World's Biggest..." In Winlock, Washington, I posed with the World's Largest Egg, outside the Washington State Egg and Poultry Co-Op.

And then the final push. I had finished my supply of audiobooks (really enjoyed the children's books A Series of Unfortunate Events, read by Tim Curry; they are not any more for children than Harry Potter). So this last leg I popped in a few CDs. Totally unplanned, they each took on meaning as I approached Seattle.

First was a compilation of songs by The Oak Ridge Boys that I picked up at a Cracker Barrel. Sidenote: Cracker Barrel Restaurants are creepy in that they are all identical. I stopped with some frequency at them to rent or return audiobooks; everything was always arranged the same, and the rest room was always in the same spot and decorated the same. Not to mention they are TaT-o-ramas.

I am not a big country music guy, though I really like some Oak Ridge Boys songs that I associate with different events in my life (I especially like Elvira). There is one song with special meaning: Y'all Come Back Saloon. My family moved from Louisville to Tyler, Texas in the summer of 1977, and on the trip we seemed to hear this song over and over on the radio. It is engrained in our memories. Consequently, this CD took me on a journey of past memories.

Next up was a compilation of songs by Nate Waggoner. Nate is the son of my friend Doug Waggoner, and an aspiring folk singer. I visted with them in Las Vegas. I was listening to new songs I had not heard before. Consequently, they took me on a journey of future possibilities.

Finally, as I approached Seattle, I had on John Tesh's Live at Red Rocks. This was the CD I had on as I left Seattle way back in August. I find his New Age music magestic and uplifting. Consequently, this CD took me on a journey of inspiration and motivation.

So it sounds kind of Christmas Carol-ly, but it rang true. Ted's Excellent Adventure was a journey of past memories, a journey of future possibilities, and a journey of inspiration and motivation.

I am glad I could share it with you.

After almost 15,000 miles, Ted's Excellent Adventure came to a close with welcoming kisses from my wife and puppies.


  1. Congratulation, Brother. And thanks for taking us all along your journey.

  2. Welcome back, Ted! Glad TEA II went smoothly!

  3. Great story/saga/adventure of a lifetime. Enjoyed reading it! Take care.