Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Portland Again

3982 - 4281 (14377 - 14674)

The drive on I-5 through Oregon was not the most exciting leg of my journey. But I found a couple of oddities to spice it up.

First stop was to see the Grants Pass Caveman. Inspired by a cave system near Grants Pass, a group of local businessmen formed an Elks-like club named the Cavemen. After a secret subterranean ceremony in 1922, for decades afterwards this group would represent their city in countless public gatherings, dressed in furs and bearing clubs, performing such uncivilized acts as capturing female crowd members and politicians and putting them in their cages. In 1971 this 17-foot fiberglass statue of a caveman was erected to honor the group. Apparently even the high school mascot is a caveman. However, I am guessing the Caveman is a bit of a forgotten soul now, as I found him barely visible behind trees on a small square of grass among fast food outlets.

Stopped at the Seven Feathers Casino, again stimulating the local economy. Glen Campbell was to perform there a few days after his Eureka concert. "I've been walking these streets so long, singing the same old songs..."

Heading north, I stopped in Sutherlin, Oregon at Oregon Gifts, formerly Magic Mushroom Lamp Company. This shop is definitely unique, yet quite fitting for the area. Afterall, Oregon is "hippieland." You absolutely cannot miss seeing this place from I-5, with two huge mushrooms and a serpent of some sort on the roof. Inside, it reminded me of a head shop -- not that I would know a head shop -- incense, burners, lamps, tapestries, beads, glass pipes, crystals... Hippie TaT.

I reached my niece Kate's house outside Portland in the late afternoon. Last visit I only saw the outside of the house as she and her fiance had just closed and not yet moved in. Great to see her and Andrew settling in. They will be picking up their new family addition, Lola the Lab, on the weekend. I would have liked that puppy fix, but tomorrow I will get mine from MY puppies!

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