Thursday, August 13, 2009


722 - 808

Spent the day in Boise today. A bit of a luxury, all because I wanted to go to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival again tonight. Slept in, got a good workout in the hotel pool, and did some reading.

I did go to Zoo Boise, the first of many zoos I plan to visit. Using reciprocity with Woodland Park Zoo (where I am a docent) I should often get in for free or reduced rate. For instance today it was 35 cents.

Zoo Boise is a small but well kept zoo. Lots of cages though; I am spoiled by the naturalistic exhibits at Woodland Park Zoo. And a grand total of two primates: a gibbon and a couple of lemurs. Bummer.

I got a kick at the "Keep Hands Off Mesh" sign with two huge Amur tigers a few feet away. Tasty.

I enjoyed prowling Boise's amazingly clean downtown. Did not see a homeless person or panhandler. I did do further research for The Happy Puppy. The Bitter Creek Alehouse, in the shadow of the state capitol building, allowed a trio of 4 oz samplers. BTW, so may things in Idaho have the name "bitter" in them, yet folks seem pretty happy. Your ideas are solicited.

Back to the beer: one I had was from the Laughing Dog Brewery in Idaho (Dogzilla Black Ale, too bitter--very Idahoian). That seems a pretty appropriate supplier for The Happy Puppy. I will keep an eye (and a taste bud) out for others from Laughing Dog.

Saw The Mystery of Edwin Drood tonight at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. I love the show; the audience votes on how it should conclude. It is based on a series of stories Charles Dickens wrote, but died before finishing. I enjoyed most seeing all the same actors as last night, now in completely different roles.

Tomorrow I drive north to Plains, Montana. The traveling Montana Shakespeare in the Park troupe is performing my favorite Shakespeare The Tempest at the school there. Should be an interesting audience! I am staying at a B&B where a couple of the actors are also staying. I look forward to breakfast!


  1. Lord of the Streets is pleased to announce a generous donation of 4 homeless folks to the City of Boise. Each member of this Starter Set comes with a certificate of authenticity. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

  2. I'm beginning to worry that I'm going to get in trouble at work for visiting this site.

    You make Boise sound like a real city.

  3. I knew my homeless-free observation would get a response from MP. Thanks for coming through with a beaut!

  4. Hey Ted,
    Great photos and stories about your trip. You might want to hurry up and come to Charlottesville:
    Safe travels,

  5. I approve of this beer research! :D

    @M Powell: Starter Homeless Set - LOL! How much would such a thing cost?!? ;)