Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking to Make a Placesetting

3456 - 3599

I decided I had enough of Branson. Maybe I am lactose intolerent, because Branson is so cheesy that I got bloated.

I headed back up to Springfield, Missouri, and visited Dickerson Park Zoo. It is a nice, well maintained zoo, though dominated by fences. I loved their cheetahs, but it looked like they were in a well manicured back yard in suburbia. The Missouri Animals exhibit was amazingly realistic though! :-)

I got the biggest kick out of their elephants. About 10 years ago, one of Woodland Park Zoo's female elephants, Chai, travelled to the Dickerson Park Zoo to become pregnant. When she came back she had this new habit of shifting her weight on her front feet, which many of us call the "Chai Dance." Lo and behold all four of the female Asian elephants I saw at Dickerson Park were doing the identical "Chai Dance!" Looks like it is a behavior they learn from each other.

Today's "World's Largest...": the World's Biggest Fork (in Springfield). It is outside an office building, no sign or anything!

I also passed the Solo Paper Cup plant, where the entrance is a giant paper cup. So, along with the Giant Purple Wooden Spoon near Glacier, I am now short a knife and plate.

Tonight I am in Lebanon, Missouri; sorry, the restaurant I chose, Dowd's Catfish House, did not have beer. But I did have their sampler of fried catfish, chicken, and shrimp, and a side of fried okra. Good southern eatin! Everything fried; I did avoid the fried pickles, however.

Tomorrow I head for Louisville, by way of an outdoor theatre in Pine Knob, Kentucky. Not sure what the show is. Finally do some laundry.


  1. Silly me! I thought that first picture was of an alligator in a scummy pond. Then I clicked on it and got the big view -- no alligator -- just a log. The main attraction in the picture are a couple of lions way in the back. So, don't fear. No scummy alligators in Missouri. Phew!

    Glad you are hitting Louisville, Big Brother. I know it'll be nice to have clean clothes, a free bed, and folks you know to talk to! I guess this is the beginning of Phase II of this Excellent Adventure.

    Thanks for taking us with you on Phase I!

    Meanwhile, Richard, it's really fun to hear about you -- just read your blog. Good stuff (except the mugging part). Makes me smile thinking of our growing up days in L'ville.

  2. I do want you to know that I am truly enjoying this journey of your's, even as I've not been commenting of late. Keep 'em coming, please.

    Then, too -- I'd appreciate hearing some of the introspective views you might be gaining and willing to share, as well as your excellent (outer-?)-spective. You know.

  3. Sarah - I see you discovered my true identity! I really miss Louisville. Are you there? I'm still in touch with Dave Todd, Ray Sharp and Gary Steier, along with various others (like Ted) via the miracle of Facebook. I'm enjoying this vicarious experience of Ted's journey -- makes me want to take one of my own.

    Great to hear from you.

    Hi Ted!