Monday, August 24, 2009

Kentucky State Fair

4176 - 4244

Today Ellen and I went to the World's Championship Horse Show (is that grammatically correct?) at the Kentucky State Fair, where my niece Eleanor was competing. She finished third in her class, qualifying her for the finals on Thursday. This pic shows her after ripping the ribbon out of the presenter's hand. Needless to say she was pissed (she later told me she was "disappointed"). Also needless to say she missed today's first day of classes at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, where she is a freshman.

Ellen and I trooped around the Fair a bit, taking in the sights, the sounds, and the smells (definately the smells)! We truly saw all walks of life (and no, family, we did not find another "Georgie"). I do believe that the Kentucky State Fair has something every Kentuckian can sink his tooth into... (now that's groan-worthy!)

Here Ellen and I stand with Freddy the Farmer, who greets all the visitors (they use a hidden camera). We asked how big his pants were. He said they have a 96 inch waist.

We also enjoyed that unique State Fair delicacy, the Elephant Ear. It is fried dough; all sugary goodness.

Here is my first "Flip Off a Hummer" (with my CRV in the next space). It is at the Horseshoe Casino in Southern Indiana near Louisville.

Oh, yeah, beer. I have been twice to the Bluegrass Brewing Company. I enjoyed a sampler and found the Nut Brown Ale and Dark Star Porter good, but I loved the Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale. Aged in bourbon barrels, it takes on the bourbon smell and mellow taste.

I will likely go see the giant baseball bat at the Louisville Slugger facory tomorrow.


  1. Look Kate! Ted got to flip a Hummer! Too bad we didn't . . .

    And I think Elephant Ears are the same as Funnel Cakes here in Texas. Yummy fried sugary goodness! Mmmmmmmmm . . . my favorite!

  2. That f-ing hummer is worthy of a good flip. It's taking up TWO parking spaces!

    You don't "find" another Georgie at the fair. You have to win one by squirting water in a clown's mouth and blowing up the balloon.

    I'm confused by the elephant ears. I'll stick with turkey legs.

  3. Elephant ears are fine by me. What I'm distessed about is what I've heard about how they get the horse's tails to still straight up. Do they really use leftover turkey legs?