Monday, August 10, 2009


Greetings and welcome to "Ted's Excellent Adventure!"

Like many in these economic times, I was recently laid off from my job in training and development for an accounting firm in Seattle. So with my wife Cheri's blessing, I am taking a lengthy sabbatical, loading the Honda CRV, and heading cross country. I'll be making a massive loop, going east to Louisville, ultimately to New England, then down the east coast to Atlanta, across to Houston, and home the southern route via Las Vegas. Along the way I will visit family and friends, play tourist across this fascinating nation, and do some soul searching and maybe figure out what to do when I grow up.

Tuesday August 11 is my launch date. I will be headed from Seattle to Portland to see my niece Kate, who just moved there from New Orleans to join her fiance Andrew.

Here are some anticipated stops on the adventure. Prizes to those who guess the location of each. Watch out, the prize may be a visit from me!



  1. Oh thank gawd. I was having HOUtoPDX blog withdrawal.

    #1 = Dog Bark Park Inn. Cottonwood, Idaho (no, you da ho). Home of the world's largest beagle.

    Exactly what do I win?

    Safe travels, brother.

  2. #3 is obviously the new telescopy thingy at Cern. But how you gonna drive there?
    (Ha! Now I'm still hoping to get a Q in the Challenge Word.)

  3. #2 -- A modern day castle. Somewhere in Idaho? Or perhaps Montana? Do I win a night at the Beagle hotel? Please?!

    Hugs to Kate in Portland tonight!