Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted's Pail

4442 - 4642

Today I stayed on blue highways from Indianapolis to Cincinnati. There were a few oddities to see along the way.

First stop was at Long's Furniture World in Franklin, Indiana, to see "Big John," the World's Largest Rocking Chair. This fact is debatable as there are lots of claims to the title, but Big John is darn big!

On a country road in Franklin is this grave in the middle of the road, expertly described by Murray in the comments. I do wonder if the traffic sign (I inset it in the picture) is a one-of-a-kind. I would think so!

Kids Commons in downtown Columbus, Indiana, is a place for kids to play and is also an interactive museum. It is home to the World's Largest Toilet, part of a giant house display. You can get into the toilet and climb down to the bottom, as I am doing here. Again no one around to take my photo so I improvished.

I travelled through Indiana corn fields to Greensburg, Indiana to see the Decatur County Courthouse. Apparently since 1870 an aspen tree has grown from the roof (not always the same one) with no visible means of nourishment. The joke is that it is fed "from the springs in the clock" (truly groan-worthy).

A high school friend, Gary Steier (and his wife Martha) put up with me in their home outside Cincinnatti. Gary and I have not seen each other since his undergraduate days at Vanderbilt, but recently became "friends" via Facebook. He insisted I come visit once learning of Ted's Great Adventure. And Martha was high school friends with a college friend of mine, John Willingham, in Columbus, Georgia. I continue to marvel at how small the world is, and in the power of friendship.

We had the world renowned ribs at the Mongomery Inn, which has been frequented by celebrities the world over like Bob Hope and George W. I know my ex-Cincy friends the DeGarmos are jealous, but not to worry, Mom D, I am bringing some sauce.

The beer is Ted's Pail Ale, the house speciality, the obvious choice for the occasion (and not bad!). And yes, it is spelled "Pail." It is named not for me or even Ted's Excellent Adventure, but rather for Ted Gregory, the Inn's owner since the 50s.

My animal encounter was with the Steier's adorable beagle, Peanut. I declare Peanut the second best beagle around, after my beagle Isabelle. Thanks for the puppy fix, Peanut!

Next I am off to Cleveland, with some more blue highways and oddities enroute.


  1. Not sure I can follow the numbering system, so re: Decatur County Courthouse photo --
    "Tree O'Clock"

  2. The Ted's Pail reference was a little tricky due to the glare in the photo.

  3. There are a lot of frickin' weird things in this country.

  4. Hey. There was no word verification for my last comment. What's up with that? Did I win or something?

  5. An ABUNDANCE of weird things! Here's about the grave:
    The grave of Nancy Kerlin Barnett has been in this spot, once a cemetery, since 1831. According to the historical marker:
    "Daniel G. Doty, 1846-1934, protected his grandmother's grave by staying here with his gun while the county relocated this cemetery in order to build the road. A concrete slab was placed over the grave, to protect the marker, Aug. 8, 1912."

  6. Another caption re: TJ on the john --
    "Who left the seat up?!"

  7. No word verification for me either. I guess we're BOTH winners!

    And is that truly Gary? Wow. This trip just keeps getting better and better. Ted, you MUST get pictures of all the Jones clan this weekend. EVERYONE!

    And most importantly, what's the name of Gary's dog??