Friday, September 11, 2009

Amish TaT is still TaT

6818 - 7041

Thoughts and prayers to all those touched by the 9/11 tragedy. We will all always remember that day vividly.

Yesterday I travelled west from Doylestown through Pennsylvania Dutch country. By staying on blue highways I saw as many buggies as autos. At one point there was a buggy jam as four arrived at a four way stop about the same time.

Just confirming that Amish TaT (Trash and Trinkets), while often hand made and created locally (as opposed to in China), is still TaT, as proven by the numerous TaT shops in the region. Here I am with Big Amos, a somewhat famous giant statue of an Amish gentleman in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. I am the one in the front.

Amos has bare feet. Apparently this distinguishes him from other giant Amish TaT statues. Like all Amish gentlemen, he has no zipper.

Fun stop for today: the Haines Shoe House in Hellam, Pennsylvania. Not as cool as the Beagle B&B in Idaho (and unfortunately closed), but still cool. Note the little shoe at the rear; apparently a dog house and not a porta-potty. Obviously the Shoe House is an important part of the community as it is on Shoe House Road. But then I have noticed that Pennsylvanians waste little imagination on road names; for instance, two favorites John Willingham pointed out were Street Road and Old New Road.

I spent the evening in Herndon, Virginia, with my college friend Greg Sherrill and his wife Chris, and their young daughters Emily and Jenna. I got the requisite eye roll from the kids early on.

Greg and I have been classmates, brothers, and friends for a long time. Like many of my friends, while we do not keep up frequently, when we do get together it is like no time has passed. Thanks for letting me share more of myself with you, Greg and Chris, and vice versa.

Beer note: I somehow skipped reporting my beer from Wednesday: Sunset Wheat by Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. That's cuz it was forgettable. But the others on their web site look interesting.

Next: Richmond, Virgina, to see Swannee Ericson. Cheri and I met at Swannee's wedding. I regret not bringing a Shoefly Pie from Pennsyvania for old times sake. Bless you, Great Aunt Alice!


  1. And Greg is ALSO still adorable.

    Wow. 7000 miles. When do we start playing the game of how many total miles this Excellent Adventure will cover? And more importantly, what will be the prize?

  2. Q: What goes, "ClipClop ClipClop ClipClop... Bang! ... ClipClop ClipClop"?

    A: Amish Driveby shooting.