Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Land of a Thousand Golf Carts

8555 - 8599

Have you ever wondered what a town would look like if electric cars were the rule rather than the exception?
  • Picture a town with 7500 electric cars registered...

  • Where the high-school has special parking designated for electric cars...

  • Where most all the households have at least one electric car...

  • Where the kids do their first driving behind the wheel of an electric car (safer!)...

  • Where the moms run them to school and soccer in the electric car (saving money on gas)...

The town is Peachtree City, Georgia... and the electric cars are golf carts. There are some 90 miles of golf cart paths connecting the residences with the businesses and parks and churches and libraries and schools, and - oh, yeah, the golf course. You never have to drive your regular car if you don't want to, as long as you don't leave Peachtree City.

My friend George McKelvy teaches at McIntosh High School in Peachtree City. It was amazing to see the hundreds of golf carts at the school. As 15 year olds can drive the carts in Peachtree City, nearly every student has one.

Catching up with George, as well as his wife Julie, was great. George taught with me at Woodward Academy, and later moved on the earn his Phd and teach at Georgia Tech before returning to the high school ranks. Despite publishing text books, he is a true teacher and loves the classroom and the students. He doubles as annoucer at all the school's sporting events.

And look at George... the perfect Santa Claus. He does that too, at church functions.

I do believe George either knows everyone, or knows someone who does. And he is a huge repository of tales of both humor and wisdom. Thanks for sharing, George.

For those hankering for more beer reports, tonight I had Red Brick Pale Ale, from the Atlanta Brewing Company. They were out of the Blonde, which I really wanted. Overall good; nothing special.

Tomorrow: Rome, Georgia to see college roomate Jim Crane.

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