Saturday, September 19, 2009

Davidson College

8018 - 8088

Friday, September 18, I took blue highways to make the short drive from Hickory to Davidson, North Carolina.

As always, I made a stop, this time in Mooresville, North Carolina, where I posed with this huge fiberglass moose. I am the one without the anthlers.

BTW, Mooresville was also the site of my student teaching experience, at Mooresville High School. Additionally, my beer for this stop was Carolina Blonde, by the Carolina Beer Company right here in Mooresville. Absolutely excellent and Happy Puppy worthy.

Despite the threat of rain during my visit to Davidson College Friday and Saturday, campus was as beautiful as ever. I am amazed how much has changed and yet has stayed the same. They have taken great care to assure that anything new fit in with the old. Check out the students practicing the unique Davidson game of flickerball on the lawn of Chambers. DC continues to be a truly special place.

I had a great visit with one of my wonderful Davidson friends, Carol Robinson. She is a special ed teacher at a nearby middle school. Carol reminded me how long lasting our college friendships are, and how important they both were and have become.

Here we are with Laura Renaud, Bunny's daughter, who is a student at DC. I had delivered a "Care Package" from Bunny to Laura. Bunny added a note that the contents were for Laura's hall (Laura is an RA), to which I replied, "Yeah, sure." Laura's reaction to Bunny's note was, "Yeah, sure."

I managed to get the requisite eye roll from Carol on this shot. This is a new scupture outside the Library, called "Homage to Rodin." Laura said it is known as the "Booger." Hence my pose.

As I left Davidson this afternoon I passed Cornelius Presbyterian Church, which served as such a wonderful anchor for many of us back in the day. The pastor was Didi Whalen, who made a great impression on me. I was pleased to see the Whalen Christian Discipleship Center at the church, in honor of Didi and his wife Jayne.

On to Cousins Round V with Debra Jones Wettler in Monroe, North Carolina.


  1. I'm concerned there has been no mention of pets or beer in the few days. You having withdrawal symptoms yet?

  2. OK, I added a beer. How did I forget? And no pets in Hickory or Davidson. I did see a beagle in the town of Davidson, so I got a puppy fix.

  3. I think he's stilled amped up on the doggie overdose he got from his afternoon at the SPCA.