Monday, September 28, 2009

Cousins Round VI

I spent a terrific evening with (left to right) my Uncle Ned Lawrence, his wife Maryanne, and my cousin Bill Lawrence (Ned's son).

Ned is 88 years young, and regularily shoots his age playing golf. Bill is president of an amazing company, CRS Reprocessing, that recycles industrial lubricants among other things. He has been "green" long before green was cool.

We got caught up on all of our family news (I am now a font of knowledge), traded heart health stories, reminised on old times (especially surrounding Ned's pool, a wonderful magnet for memories) and even had some good ole political discussions (or rants, in Ned's case).

Ned said I should write that he is "the same old SOB he has always been." I would be dismayed if it were any other way.

I received an email from my friend Sloane Graff:
"In response to the 'Hummer Flipping' Project, I have started the 'Prius Flipping' Project. The inaugural flip is attached. This is for people who enjoy the effects of global warming and own Exxon stock."

A day in Louisville with my sister Ellen, then off to Memphis.


  1. Ted:

    Ned looks like the same old SOB he has always been and Bill looks good as well. Glad you got to hook up with them.

    Thanks for posting the "Prius Flip", it shows your generous political attitude. Probably won't catch on like Hummer flipping though...

    Happy trails to Memphis. Trust we will see a post on Graceland and don't miss Beale Street. Great food, music and yes BEER.

  2. Why isn't there a picture of Sloane yet? Perhaps one with a Hummer OR a Prius??

  3. Sarah:

    There is no picture of Sloane because he is old and ugly and bald. He is best remembered as the tall, handsome man he used to be.

  4. Memories indeed. I learned to swim in that pool.

  5. And Ned taught me how to dance at my wedding to Rob and Bill swept our floor after the terrifying rehursal dinner at our house. Okay not really terrifying....
    I will always remember both kindnesses and both men.
    Glad the trip is going great, Ted!