Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

8515 - 8535

I arrived in Atlanta on Sunday night, after driving through some torrential rain. And it rained some more, all day Monday. I mean, it was like Noah-type rain. And this after rain all weekend. Flooding ensued everywhere. Here is a good description from a Facebook entry by my college classmate Ifor Williams, who lives in Atlanta:

"Typical Atlanta street view from Tuesday morning, 9/22/09. Peachtree Creek's flood waters have receded leaving a thin veneer of mud over everything it touched. A tree across the road means time to turn around and find another way through. After the flood the price of the house on the left might need to be further "Reduced."

I am staying with my high school friend Fontaine Kohler, and we are high and dry, though having to find alternate ways to leave the neighborhood. Her son Kohler attends Westminister School, and gave me these shots of their football field and other athletic fields. It took him an hour and a half to get home (normally 5 minutes) due to road blockages. Schools in the area were closed Tuesday. First I have heard of a "flood-day."

On a more pleasant note, Fontaine has an 11 year old black lab, Sapphire, and a 4 month old pound puppy, Milo. Needless to say I am getting my puppy fix.

Monday night I visited with my friend Mike Brooks. We met as counselors at Camp Covered Bridge (Boy Scout Camp) in Kentucky years ago and have kept in touch. Mike works in public health for the Center for Disease Control. I am impressed at how green he is; he even rides his Vespa Scooter the 8 miles to work daily. Better yet, he has a border collie, Zoe (and two cats), and brews a mean beer. His "Vespa Red" was lovely (I had the less hoppy variety). Could give "Murray's Special" a run at the Happy Puppy.

Off to do some sightseeing Tuesday, weather permitting, and Fontaine and I will go visit our high school friend Chip McIlvain.

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