Monday, September 7, 2009

Rotary Rotary!

6147 - 6303

Saturday September 5 I traveled from Windham, New Hampshire to Falmouth, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod.

I made a brief stop at America's Stonehenge, in Salem, New Hampshire (not Salem, Massachusetts, the witch capital). It looks nothing like England's Stonehedge, but it is a megolithic site. It dates from about 3500 years ago. The origin of the people who built it remain a mystery. The stones appear to serve a religious purpose, and there are monoliths around the site which line up on dates of astronomical significance, such as solstices and equinoxes. The giant slab of stone that is a sacrificial table, complete with grooves carved into it so blood can run out, was pretty cool. You are left wondering how people 3500 years ago manipulated slabs of stones that weighed tons. And it was nice nature walk, and had a bunch of llamas (which I probably enjoyed the most).

Next stop was at the house of my earliest childhood memories, 5 Morningside Road in Needham, Massachusetts. It looked pretty much as I remembered (though blue). I drove the area -- up to the water tower we played around, and down to the site of Harris School, now a park. Another marvelous trip down memory lane.

Rotary Rotary! Cape Cod has a number of round-a-bouts, like the Bourne Rotary at the Bourne Bridge after crossing the Cape Cod Canal, and our family game is to be the first to shout "Rotary Rotary!" when you see a Rotary sign. I am winning every time.

I am staying with Linda Calmes Jones, "Mama Linda," my father's second wife, our angel. She recently moved to a gorgeous condo in Falmouth, Massachusetts, after selling the home she and my father shared in Sandwich, Massachusetts. We wasted no time in having the requisite fried clam strip plate at Seafood Sam's that I always covet here.

The rest of Labor Day Weekend will be Cousins Round IV.


  1. You game of Rotary is sounding a little like Solitaire. But keep score, nonetheless.

  2. I LOVE seeing 5 Morningside Road! EXACTLY like I remember it. So cool.