Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day on Cape Cod: Cousins Round IV

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A glorious weekend on Cape Cod for Labor Day; a glorious weekend for this intrepid traveller reconnecting with family.

Most of my mother's side of the family live on or near Cape Cod: my Uncle Seth and Aunt Helen, and four of five of their children (my cousins), as well as my Aunt Judy (known affectionately to all of us as AJ), and her two children (my cousins). Through the concerted efforts of Cousin Barbara and Uncle Seth, Sunday we got everyone together, including several of my first cousins once removed or second cousins, whatever the children of my first cousins are (always a debate, can some geneology expert explain it?), and spouses. Here is the marvelous photo we got of the whole brood. Thanks photographer (and host) Barbara!

What a great time to catch up, swap stories, and trade memories. And as Barbara said, "We did it without a wedding or funeral!" Here Barbara had some fun with the hairlines of the two eldest cousins, me and Young Seth, using Photoshop.

Today, Labor Day, I spent some quality time with my uncle and aunts. What a great opportunity to gather more family history and insights. Here are Seth and Helen.

And here is AJ. I cherish my family, and especially the wisdom and outlooks that distance can prevent. Trading some computer knowlege seems a small price to pay.

I also made a visit to Menauhant, in East Falmouth, Massachusetts, a summer community and site of virtually every summer of our youth. This photo shows our house on Jewelers Avenue.

Everything is the same same there and yet will never be the same there. Unfortunately I did not see anyone I knew from my youth; most homes, and the clubhouse, were closed up for the season.

Linda and I enjoyed swordfish and Portugese bread, two favorites of ours on the Cape. Tomorrow I go visit my mother and fathers' final resting spots, and then on to Connecticut.


  1. Jeez... This just keeps getting better and better.

  2. The photo-shopped hair is hilarious! Creepy, but hilarious! And I'm still jealous. . . .

  3. Dang -- most likely way too late, but I shouldda asked you to have a Narragansett Porter for me. In my memory it was mighty fine beer, and it epitomized that special feeling of being on the Cape. Now I'm remembering the fabulous outdoor shower... Sigh. What a great place.