Friday, September 25, 2009

Soup For You!

8599 - 8715

Thursday I headed out of Atlanta to Rome, Georgia.

But first I was a "soup dude" at Clyde's Kitchen, part of Crossroads Ministries for the homeless in downtown Atlanta. Fontaine is a regular volunteer there. Here we are right afterward, smelling of soup, various body odors (not all our own), and good feelings.

I really enjoyed spending time with the volunteers and the homeless folks. Despite my Atlanta Braves T-shirt, I was asked about my Seattle Mariners cap more than once, and one guy hit me up for a ride to Seattle. Sorry, dude.

I then headed up the road to Rome, Georgia, and the home of Jim and Brenda Crane. Jim and I were roommates one year at Davidson, and I had the pleasure of being part of his first wedding. He has since divorced and married Brenda, and is enjoying life as a urologist and avid sailor. Catching up with Jim and hearing his tales of personal struggle was enlightening. And we enjoyed watching The Office (just like we used to watch M*A*S*H back in college). You know, important stuff.

I got another puppy fix there too. This is Zeke, Jim and Brenda's Jack Russell.

Friday I am off to Nashville for another Davidson mini-reunion with Burkley Mann Allen and her husband Newton, and Carolyn Watt Cantwell and her husband Jeff.

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